About ACG

American Construction Group, Incorporated (ACG) is a union-affiliated Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) general engineering construction company that provides cost-effective demolition, heavy civil, concrete construction and related services with high quality and timely results. The Company operates in both the public and private sectors, remaining nimble and able to adapt to various construction market sector conditions.

The ACG Formula

To ensure our legacy thrives, American Construction Group has adopted the following Formula:

  • Safety comes first at ACG. If we cannot work safely, we will not work at all. Since our employees are our most valuable asset, we hold their health and safety above all else. We encourage our employees to use the Stop Work Authority in all aspects of our work. We will implement a robust safety program and drive our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) as low as possible to maintain our eligibility to bid all available work.

  • At ACG, we do the right thing in the right way every time. We adhere to our values at all times, and keep our moral compass pointed towards True North. We do not cut corners and we speak the truth. We encourage our employees and partners to keep the lines of communications clear by having frank and courageous conversations.

  • Delivering exceptional work builds trust with clients, fuels repeat business, drives word-of mouth recommendations, produces a higher ROI, and allows us to grow. We care about the aesthetics, performance, and longevity of our finished products. We will promote a culture of high-quality results through intentional application of Quality Management Systems.

  • ACG has a welcomed responsibility to care for our employees, neighborhoods we work in, communities we live in, and the environment. We recognize our employees as intelligent people with dreams and aspirations, unique in talents and gifts, and invest heavily in their health, welfare, knowledge, skills, and sense of purpose. We show respect to the communities we live and work in and commit to being good stewards of the environment.

  • We strive to turn every relationship into a true partnership. We invest our blood, sweat and tears in our employees, clients, and business partners (we don’t have vendors, we have business partners). We are committed to working through tough situations, having honest conversations, and landing on something stronger than a relationship; True Partnership.


Leadership Team

  • Justin Gough

    Justin Gough is the President and Co-Founder of American Construction Group. Justin started his career in construction with the US Navy, managing Naval Reserve Center facility security upgrades just after 9-11. In 2004, Justin joined the private construction sector as a Project Engineer, progressed through the ranks of project management, and leveraged his knowledge of construction to estimate and win projects.

  • Michael O’Brien

    Michael O’Brien is the Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of American Construction Group. Michael began his career in construction as an equipment operator in the aggregate mining sector. Michael excelled quickly in both operating equipment and leading crews, promoting to Foreman, Superintendent, and Field Operations Manager positions.